Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dreamboat of the Day



Arion said...

Nice pic, very, very nice.

By the way, I just wrote a review on Dream Boy, I know you dedicated a post about it a couple of years ago, but if you want to read my opinions about it you already know the way to my blog.

jaymcfly said...

hey , I'll be sure to check out your review Arion , thanks :)

Arion said...

Hey, it's been a few weeks since your last update. What have you been up to?

I saw your pics of Oroi (Jitters) and I saw the movie. I really enjoyed it and I just reviewed it.

jaymcfly said...

Hi Arion , I've been busy growing tomartoes .

I really liked Jitters , Atli Oskar Fjalarson was so watchable.

I'll pop over to your site to read your review .

all the best jay .