Monday, September 28, 2009

Dreamboats asks The Big Question ... Speedos or Jammers ?

''Speedos or Jammers ?, who gives a Sh*t! , I'm freezing my balls off out here !''

Yes , wishing he hadn't signed on for Dreamboats long delayed re-imagining of the classic movie 'Dive' is Kyle Gallner , what can I say , the world recession scuppered our plans to film in Brazil and when a disused Frankfurter plant became available in Chicago , director John Walters decided that was the way to go .

Of course the above picture is from the new trailer for 'Nightmare on Elm Street' , which hopefully unlike 'The Tormented' which even with Action Alex and Dreamy Dirmrti was quite a torment to watch . A pleasant surprise for me is the discovery that Kyle's character is a swimmer which of course does pose the big question ' Speedos or Jammers? ' as we know few young Hollywood stars have dared to slip into the speedo and gone on to have a glittering career .

Johnathan Taylor Thomas comes to mind when he showcased what a stunning bod he had in the short and moving film 'Common Ground' . Jeremy Sumptuous opted for the racing jammer when he became addicted to porn in 'Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life ' . Who could forget Gregory Smiths dazzling green speedo debut in ' The Book of Love '.

Gregory Dazzling !

Then camp classic ' The Convent ' showcased the tiniest speedo known to a movie costumer , as worn by Taylor Kitsch alongside Toby Hemingway, Chace Crawford, and of course the lovely Steven Strait .

''Whats with the trackies bro ? loose em or your off the team ''

Could it be though that Kyle is set to surprise us and Freddy with the rarely seen on screen combo of both a speedo and drag shorts ? Well we'll have to wait next year to find out .

Kyle on location sadly not in Brazil

Yikes !

Oh my just what did Kyle swallow ?

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