Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dreamboats Old Skool Retro Muse number 145 !

What a Hotty ! Its Scottie !

''Saturday ! what a Day ! Scottie I'll be grooving all night with you ! '' Yes those wonderful lyrics of course opened 'Happy Days' , as I let out a silent scream as Scott Baio popped up during the credits in his Black ' swoon ' capped T Shirt . How I longed to see that Black capped T shirt fly off . Had I brought the right magazines , I would have found out that Scott was regularly loosing his shirt in a fashion to rival Matt Dillon's photo shoots .

Of course Matt though never was photographed in a speedo , but for Scott it was obviously an everyday occurrence . Looking at just how often Scott and Dreamboats of that era posed shirtless or in a swimwear . I can only agree with a great picture site Lost In the Past (where all the Scottie pictures came from for this post ) that this period was indeed the ''Golden Age of Idols.''

Young Scott and that Black Capped T Shirt

The burning question all Teen Idols have had to answer since the beginning of time ..
'' Should I open just a few buttons or go all the way ?''

Like Matt Dillon before him Scott made the right choice ..

'Tennis anyone ?'

''Holy Purity Ring !''

Scott - Serious Pose and Shirt On - Scott's Album sales suffered

Scott - On Stage and going shirtless Album sales soared !

Well Hello

Sporty Scott took part in the 'All Idols Summer Games' from sprinting to swimming

Happy Days ! Scott - A Wow in White

A shock announcement '' Is this thing on ? Since my White speedo was stolen , I will now only wear an emerald Green speedo in honour of Robin Hood and his Merry Men ''

Green Speedo secured with a towel Scott leaves the meet

Another Meet and another shirtless sporty Scott

Lovely Swimmer Scottie fresh out the water


Chachacha said...

That's a great selection.
Those tennis shorts are especially nice.

jaymcfly said...

thanks , I was pretty surprised that just about every other scotty picture was shirtless , shorts or in a speedo , what a golden age indeed .