Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rebel without a Robbie

Rebel Robbie in Dude Leather !

See the way he walks down the streetWatch the way he shuffles his feetMy, how he holds his quiff up highWhen he goes walking by, he's my guy

Yes its time to catch up with our favorite model , Robbie B . Robbie has been in Hong Kong thrilling stylists and photographers alike . But before you can ask  '' What are you rebelling against Robbie ? ''. Robbie shows just how versatile he is below , with a casual drape of a scarf across the shoulder and its time for New Romantic Robbie !

Oh my Visage , (repeat breathlessly five times )
New Styles , New Shapes 
New Modes , That's the role my fashion takes 

 Leather Dungarees by Carhartt

Polaroid Robbie

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jean Baptiste


Monday, July 16, 2012

Wonderful Will 

I've long harboured a belief that Will @AMCK models is in fact a part time estate agent and effortlessly combines both jobs . Here we see him once again taking time to pose in between closing negotiations on a property in Hampstead .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hunky Dory !

Hunky Buns Dory !

Now while enjoying the sheer delights of the new seasons of True Blood and Teen 'Abs' Wolf and of course TNT's Dallas  . I came across this film today ' Hunky Dory ' . Now Admitly the above picture caught my eye and the fact that the movie takes place around the scorching summer of 1976 which was quite a hot summer for all sorts of reasons for me . I thought you know what ,  I'll have a peak at the trailer .

Another Country ?

Make Mine a Whopper !

Swoon !

The new Abercrombie and Fitch promo ?

What a zingy trailer it was too , as in the summer of 1976, keen drama teacher Vivienne 
(Minnie Driver ) fights sweltering heat and general teenage apathy to put on an end of year music version of Shakespeare's The Tempest . How fabulous is that ? . Im guessing though were not going to see any inflatable on inflatable action , but rather a sweet and breezy tale , which Austrailian film makers always seem to really well . 'A Heart Beat Away ' comes to mind . Lets finish though with just one more picture of the swoonsome Aneurin Barnard who plays Davey in Hunky Dory .

Aneurin Barnard

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Holy Styling Products ! Its The Quiff of the Month !

Patrick -  Daring 

Even I was stunned at the scale of model Patrick's quiff which is so daring in execution as it highlights
a subtle illusion to those Pompadour powered hair hoppers of the 17th century . Mean while Patrick took time to model the latest Olympic fashion , yes this  is what team G.B's  Men's Ping Pong Team will be wearing .


Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wonderful Will's Party Trick !

Wonderful Will's Party Trick , Truly A Spectacle to Behold !

As much as I enjoyed Grace Jones performance at the recent Royal Diamond Jubilee Celebration , in which Grace hula hopped her way through 'Slave To The Rhythm' with much gay abandon . Grace was indeed a spectacle to behold . Equally eye catching at any party celebration would be the Wonderful Will's party trick , which I'm sure could make any party go with a bang !

Its Flaming June !

''Hey there Georgie Boy ''

Today Vera has inspired me to find out more about model George , Coitus magazine said

''Fresh face George @ mandp models London, dropped in for a few quick snaps. We love George and besides his good looks, he has a great personality and energy and is a really fun guy to be around. With already a Frankie Morello campaign under his belt, we are sure we 'll see a lot of George in the near future.''

Holy Helmets !

Is George getting ready to be motion captured for the forthcoming blockbuster '' Tarzan '' staring Kellan 
Lutz ? possibly not , or is he getting ready to venture where Action Alex and Gorgeous Gregg have gone before into Vera's Boudoir ?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dreamboat of the Day


The Boy Looked at Tommy ! Its Tommy Bastow !

I imagine like  most people in England , I have a love/hate relationship with BT , but I have to say I was thrilled when I read that Franko Front man and actor Tommy has been given a more prominent role in the new BT ad campaign which targets the 'need for speed gengeration' . ( as BT unveils its Super fast BT infinity service )

Tommy is Joe !
Holy Fret less bass playing !

Now unless my eyes deceive me and very often they do ,  how wonderful of the set dressers to furnish Joe's coffee  table from Heals with a very popular cover of one of my favourite magazines Attitude .Who last week celebrated its 18 Birthday !  Congratulations to Attitude !

Frat Party will Mcfly Invite Franko ?

I've got the Jitters !

Ever behind the times , I see that you cant rent films on You Tube now , and the film that caught my eye  is Oroi ( english title Jitters  ) 2011 directed by Baldvin Z . Lets have a look an the official synopsis .....

Gabriel is a confused sixteen year old in search of his identity. Along with a few of his closest friends, he is trying to figure out who he is and where he stands in an ever changing and complicated world.

The fantastically floppy fringed Atli Oskar Fjalarson plays Gabriel

Jitters comes with glowing reviews and won the Don Quixote Award ! ( what a great name for an award ) Well I have to say I'm more than tempted to rent the movie , I'll just have to see if my mighy mac is able to cope with

Do You Remember The First Time ?
(On a hair hopper stylist note I see that Atli Oskar fantastic fringe now has blond highlights ! )

Here's Atli Oskar and his floppy fringe celebrating at The Nordic Film Days L├╝beck ,
 last year where Jitters swept up the awards .

Pull Up to the Bumper Baby ! Its Carter !

Oh Carter how much we miss thee from our screens , why it seems like only yesterday you would do anything for your Nim  in Surface and then came that Bromance with our ' God of Beauty ' - Austin Butler , who of course is now on permanent vacation with dame Vanessa Hudgens .

Eddie played Carters best bro Phil in Surface 
but it was Nim who stole Carters Heart 

Robbies A New York City Boy and Will hits the Showers !

New York City Boy 

Yes Robbie's been popping up all over tumblr as photographers chronicled his New York adventure
I particularly like the picture above entitled 'Robbie Smiling' by Jeiroh Yanga . Thanks to some fabulous  facts about Robbie are now available .

Some Amazing Facts about Robbie !

Robbie was scouted at Rihanna Concert where 
he was spotted bustin a move during ' Don't Stop the Music '!

Rubber Robbie !

Robbie is certified Scuba Diver !

I'll be There For You !

Robbie is a trainee Life Guard !

Meanwhile back in England Will  from AMCK models , donned his Calvin's and posed away in what  appears to be a shower block for a stunning series of photographs by  Grant Adam .

Truly Inspirational !
Will offers up his own Interpretation  of Dreamy Dylan's Shower Shoot